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About SSCP

Safety culture is a relatively new concept.

And it has always been a rather abstract one.

Today, however, we have the benefit of the work of many pioneers who in recent decades have sharpened what a strong, positive safety culture looks like. We now recognize certain attributes of the desired cultures, and we have developed tools that are helpful in measuring the strength of safety cultures.

Various federal regulatory bodies have joined in the private sector’s ongoing pursuit of workplace safety cultures, sometimes through guidance, sometimes through regulation. Yet, much remains to be discovered about safety culture.

The Society for Safety Culture Professionals is the organization that brings together leaders, from all industries, who are accountable in their organizations to promote positive safety cultures. In some companies, the assignment of safety culture responsibilities is formal, and those responsibilities reside in a Safety Culture Manager or similarly titled role. In other companies, safety culture is falls in the domain of the safety department (including ESH organizations). More informal safety culture roles may be taken on by individuals in any number of corporate organizations, including human resources, ombudsman programs, and compliance functions. Whatever your title, and however you became responsibility for safety culture at your organization, SSCP is the place for you.

SSCP also invites as members those in academia or in other professional pursuits who have desire to enhance, share, or both, their knowledge or safety culture. Individuals who simply wish to know more about this important topic are also welcome to join.

No one has all the answers to the many questions that revolve around safety culture expectations. SSCP is the place to network, learn, and participate in the never-ending quest for strong safety cultures.

Join us on the safety culture quest by becoming a member today!

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