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The Society of Safety Culture Professionals is the only association dedicated to professional development and networking in the safety culture field.  Are you interested in developing the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to help your organization or agency foster strong, positive safety cultures? If so, join today for the following benefits.

Membership Benefits

Networking & Community

SSCP is a member-driven association. Safety culture is a cross-cutting concept, important in an innumerable number of organizations in many, diverse fields of endeavor. It is easy for those interested in safety culture to feel isolated from the much larger body of safety culture knowledge developed and applied is so many different contexts. SSCP is the only place designed for those interested in safety culture to gather, exchange knowledge, and equip each other.

Membership provides exclusive opportunities to access key information about safety culture and to network with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to enhancing their knowledge about safety culture.  SSCP is the only


One of the chief advantages of SSCP membership is access to a wide array of information about safety culture, which has been organized and distilled to be useful for all members. Safety culture can be a complex and difficult-to-understand topic. Safety culture frameworks, models, theories and attributes can involve detailed considerations. SSCP gathers and synthesis safety culture information for the benefit of the Society’s membership.

Knowledge benefits include:

  • Subscription to the SSCP quarterly digital briefing.
  • Subscription to Safety Culture Snippets, which offer practical nuggets of information about safety culture that can be shared throughout your organization.
  • Exclusive access to SSCP website content, including the extensive Safety Culture Library.
  • Access to webinars on contemporary safety culture topics of interest.

Professional Development

In addition to the professional development gained through the networking and knowledge benefits of membership, SSCP offers opportunities speecifically focused on attaining recognized levels of expertise. Benefits include:

  • The annual SSCP conference, where you can hear from and meet with safety culture experts
  • Safety Culture Professional Certification (SCPC)–be recognized as an expert yourself by completing the certification program.

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