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Who’s a Safety Culture Professional?

If you’ve reached this page, other than by sheer random accident, you obviously have an interest in safety culture. If so, SSCP membership is for you.

SSCP welcomes anyone interested in learning more about safety culture, or in becoming more skilled in conversing about and building safety culture. “Professional” does not mean that you have achieved an academic position or a offer consulting services. Instead, if you have any level of responsibility or accountability in your organization for fostering a strong, positive safety culture, or even if you simply want to be more informed about the topic, SSPC is for you. Many government agencies also have internal and external (regulatory) safety culture roles, and employees of government agencies are also welcome to join.                                                                     Membership

SSCP members may opt to work toward Safety Culture Professional certification, but certification is optional, and members who consider certification are welcome to work through the certification process at their own pace. Those who complete the certification process earn the Safety Culture Professional Certificate (SCPC).Certification

SSCP welcomes membership by those who offer professional services relating to safety culture, including consulting, assessment, surveying, training, and legal services. Please see information on Services Affiliates memberships on the registration page.